Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 17, 2017 to Oct. 30, 2017:

The Seventh House is where we find partnership, Aries. And, although “partnership” is not supposed to come naturally to you, part of your life process involves incorporating a touch of Libra into your life. That is to say: a touch of diplomacy, a touch of honoring the needs, wants, feelings and wishes of others. This week, you have the opportunity to start something new in the Seventh House of partnership. I wonder what that’s going to be. Will you partner with a philosopher? Will you partner with a foreign person in a distant land? Will you partner with someone who expands your mind in ways you never thought possible? Will you make a long-term commitment to someone you love?

Aries, your gift is the ability to do things on your own, to be the explorer of uncharted territory — to be the first to do, think and experience all sorts of things. You’re the leader of the leaders, the one who starts the show. The one who calls out the idea into the great infinite expanse of it all… This isn’t because you thought about it so much, but because the idea or feeling just came to you, like a spark, a light, or an uncontrollable surge of love, emerging from the sea where we lose our sense of individual things. You find the things we’ve lost value for. You wage battle for the underdog — or the things we never knew existed — and you say, “Look! It’s beautiful! It’s worthy of fighting for!”

The last seven years, you may have been unpredictable and rebellious. You may have started new thing after new thing, and jumped here and there. Perhaps, you’ve surprised and shocked us with your actions — and perhaps — as you’ve tried new things, you’ve been more detached and individualistic than usual. By mid-2018, I think this unpredictable revolutionary trend of yours will calm, and your nerves will finally relax.

In the meantime, on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, this wild, unpredictable streak that you’ve been riding so adventurously has a higher chance of linking up with a like-minded soul or multiple likeminded souls. This person, or these people, could help you expand your viewpoint toward the positive perspectives – in a steady and practical way – and they will appreciate your “unconventional” flair. Also, I wonder if this new partner or partners will make the first move?

As an alternative interpretation, Aries: Maybe you’re in a unique position this week to bring a new and lasting sense of peace, balance and harmony to your life — and to the way you get along with others.

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