Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 17, 2017 to Oct. 30, 2017:

You could be an incredible artist, Gemini, and maybe you already are. But if you’re not, I would imagine it’s because you have so many brilliant ideas that come and go, and with this rapid ebb and flow, perhaps you can’t decide on the one you want to express. Or, maybe you’re so enamored by other artists that you think, “Who me? How could I ever be that good?”

This makes me wonder: Does Gemini have a latent artist inside him/her? An artist who gets paralyzed by indecisiveness, or an artist who cares so much about — and is so enamored by — other people’s artistry that Gemini can’t find his or her own artistic voice? This isn’t true for all Gemini’s, but it’s probably true for some.

Fortunately for Gemini, the New Moon on Oct. 19, 2017, happens in your Fifth House of Creativity, Children and Love Affairs. More importantly, this is the House of Fun! Which makes me want to ask, what are you doing for fun? How are you expressing the creativity inside you? Can you choose something new to start, just for the absolute fun of it this week? The astrological omens say that you’re going to have more steadfast resolve than usual to start something fun and stick with it.

Because the Fifth House deals with love (as in the love-bliss of a new affair), it may be possible that unpaired Geminis start a new romance this week. Or, maybe Gemini’s with significant others will feel the spark of romance and love blossoming with the sense of “new beginnings” in their long-term love partnerships. At the very least, Gemini, we can safely say that it’s time for you to start something new — just for the pure fun of it. I’m not saying to ignore practicality completely. However, this fun thing needs to blossom out of your pure enjoyment. What do you love, love, love, love, love doing Gemini? Go out there and start doing it!!

If it feels awkward getting the ball moving on this fun thing, don’t let that feeling stop you. It might feel like this, “Who am I to devote time and energy into this selfish act of pure enjoyment?” However, this feeling of insecurity should be expected (with Mars opposite the Wounded Healer, Chiron, and squaring Saturn right now). To me, it implies that, if you put one awkward foot in front of the other, in the name of pure FUN, while staying practical about it and not getting yourself into trouble, you will experience a healing of some kind.

Are you worried that making more room for fun, more room for love — or more room for creative artistic expression — will hurt your career or reputation? Or maybe it just feels too selfish? Well, ruffle some feathers if you have to. The time is ripe for you to turn the knob up on your fun/love/creativity meter. This week, start something that consistently brings joy to your heart in a permanent, practical and lasting way.

This horoscope is based on your Sun Sign. In addition to the Sun, there are nine other planets and countless more points of astrological interest that describe you personally. If you want to learn more about your unique birth chart — and the current Astrological aspects affecting you — click the link for your personalized Astrology reading with Jeremy Alan.