Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope for Sunday, and the week of Oct. 14, 2018:

Since May 2018, or thereabouts, sudden changes have been coming to your 10th house of highest ambitions, fame and reputation. This could be experienced like an “inspired revolution” or “an unpredictable instability.” Do either of those interpretations resonate with you? Some people might even think you’ve become quirky, disestablishmentarian, or they’re saying, “I wasn’t expecting that!”

We’re talking about a seven-year theme of surprise, innovation and revolution. The plebeians of your soul are revolting, brandishing their pitchforks. They’re taking back their power, while bringing their vision of “how the world could be better and more egalitarian for all” to your career space, a.k.a, your highest ambitions. You might be at the helm of this revolution, or it might be happening to you and you’re perplexed by it all. Hopefully, you’ve painted yourself blue and you’re rallying the troops like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

What I’m speaking to here is Uranus in Taurus – which is exactly on your career point and will be passing through your 10th house of fame, reputation and career for the next seven years. Look around in the world beyond. Do you align with any kind of upheaval or revolution going on, or some effort that is truly making the world better? Perhaps you’ll want to get involved in a “boots-on-the-ground” sort of way. But I’m the last one to tell you to help the world, Leo. Change and transform your own goals and ambitions first, and then start looking out to what needs to be changed around you. 

It’s not revolution and saber rattling without a realistic and rational purpose. There’s a cold, exacting practicality to it all. Adding a stabilizing force to the revolutionary dynamic is Saturn, who recently came back into Capricorn. Especially on Sunday, Oct. 14, I think you should be feeling this practicality right down to your bones – like a “rocks-in-your-stomach” determination to organize your daily habits, work and routines to help make your new ambitions real.

Let’s emphasize the phrase “boots-on-the-ground.” Because today, you might feel a soul-level determination regarding everything I mentioned above. I don’t know what triggered it, but maybe you’re a little bit fed up with certain things that aren’t measuring up. And today you say and feel the following:

“I want _______ and I will do the determined work to make it happen in a permanent way.”

Saturn, although he is hard and cold, brings a steady element to the “lightning bolt revolution” aligned with your highest ambitions.

Because the feelings, emotions and gut-level instincts of the Moon are fusing with old, wet and cold, hardworking and deadly-practical Saturn on Oct. 14, I literally want you to feel this determination in your bones. Moon is the warm and loving protector, and she loves you — so remember she is here with you today — along with Saturn, who loves you too. It’s just that Saturn shows his love with the fear, judgement and pain that you know will come if you don’t do what he says.

Proceed with your daily, determined efforts, Leo. Buckle down and commit to the plan, then keep coming back to it every day until it becomes a habit — and then you’ll hold your dream in your hand.

I’m doing my best to remind you of this now – because it’s the big picture environment in which you’re operating – and it’s bringing a responsible, lasting and dedicated revolution.

However, in the immediate “now,” you may be dealing with some ISSUES that are distracting you from this big picture. The theme of the week could find you engaged in the stickiness of human relationships, partnerships, enduring friendships and romantic partners.

The key concept is the revelation of deep, hidden feelings that you or others are communicating. These feelings could be intense and express some hidden depths that were previously being swept under the rug. Well, somebody just lifted the rug up and now look what’s there!

The thing to remember is that it was always there. The only thing new is that you’re looking at it, and communicating your way through it. The end result will be that these relationships change as one or both parties reveal their own quirky modus operandi into the relationship equation. That modus operandi could be “ugly” or emotionally disappointing to one or the other parties; it could also be liberating and beautiful. At the very least the end result will be that way even if you don’t feel it now. Whatever’s going on, it will probably be intense, committed and passionate. If you relate this — and you’re more than free not to! — I think from Oct. 14 you have about another week left of this “deep, intense and transformative communication” to go.