Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 17, 2017 to Oct. 30, 2017:

Dear Virgo, I am thinking about what you’ve been doing to radically change your internal psychological makeup — the secret, intimate parts of your life. These areas could feel frightening in their never-ending depth and intensity, but during the last seven years, you’ve had the planet of change — a.k.a., the planet of rebellion, the planet of shocking, unexpected enlightenment — passing through your Eighth House of secrets.

This could mean that, on the outside, you don’t look that different. But to those of us with the sensitivity to see beneath the surface, into the more shadowy recesses of the human psyche, we notice that you have undergone a radical, interior transformation. To achieve this transmutation, you had to adopt a style of “attack” that was revolutionary, freedom-loving, for-the-good-of-all-mankind, impersonal, rational and scientific.

You’ve had to face the ugliest bits of yourself that you wanted to hide from the world in this process. However, I think you’re now coming to the end of this “purging” conversion of your shadow. It’s my hope that, now, you’re waving your revolutionary flag high inside yourself, and that you feel a sense of freedom from the terrifying psychological monsters that used to plague you. It’s clear to me that — even if there are a few more things for you to take care of — this battle has largely been fought and this seven-year trend will be coming to an end in May 2018. Hopefully, you’ve recently been noticing the enduring nature of the changes.

This week, on Thursday, Oct. 19, comes a New Moon in your Second House of beliefs, possessions and finances. The New Moon always signifies a new beginning or a starting of something new. Considering everything that I said above, I think it’s time for you to consider how — after the depth of psychological “shadow” transformation you’ve achieved — your beliefs could be prime for revision. Is there a new belief you can adopt right now, Virgo? Jupiter will be close enough to the New Moon that it could help you adopt a more expanded, spiritual or philosophical belief about life or yourself.

I’m not asking you to “invent” something out of thin air, Virgo. I’m asking you to look back over the last seven years and to recognize what you’ve achieved. Does this evidence bring a practical truth about yourself to the forefront? This truth will feel profound, self-evident and it will radically transform your sense of self-confidence regarding what you are capable of achieving — as an individual — in your most secret places.

Remember: You waged battle, and made significant changes to yourself secretly, without any need for external congratulations. How cool is that? Only you (and maybe your closest confidants) are the ones who’ve noticed. If no one has come forward to congratulate you, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t achieved something incredible. Pat yourself on the back. True recognition of our achievements — and validation — comes from within.

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