Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 17, 2017 to Oct. 30, 2017:

Imagine Superman. He was the fierce warrior on the job — putting out fires, saving lives and doing the good work. But eventually, the world would overwhelm him and he needed to retreat to his Crystal Castle, the “Fortress of Solitude,” where he would commune with the spirit of his family for guidance and support when he was weary, tired and confused. There, he would rediscover the love at the core of who he is.

The coming New Moon, on Oct. 19, 2017, is just for you Cancer. It’s happening in your Fourth House of home and family. The Fourth House also represents how you meet your needs and your sense of security. With every New Moon, you get an influx of lasting momentum that you can apply to start something. Is there a home remodeling project you have in mind? Can you begin something that helps you feel more secure? Perhaps you’ll be more focused on your family this week and in the days ahead. Since the New Moon is in Libra, exactly Opposite Uranus in Aries, I wonder if you’re facing the dilemma of how you can honor the needs of your family/home life while — at the same time — balancing the unique demands of your career.

Maybe you have the perfect idea in mind. Some new and rebellious way of spearheading your agenda forward in the career space — which has a way of balancing the needs of your family life. It will be different for every person, and maybe some Cancers are already balanced while others have their work/life balance so far out of sync that you’re encountering friction right now — like these two areas of life are competing with each other.

Should you be the work-a-holic eccentric who moves forward with what *YOU* want in your career… Or should you be the balanced mom/dad who deserves just as much time for family as you do for career? If you don’t relate. I’d like to ask: Have you created a cozy home that you love to spend time in? Do you have a “safe cocoon” where you can retreat and feel warm and cozy? Remember Superman?

If you know what your Crystal Castle — your restful and supportive place — feels like, but you don’t have it yet, take the steps necessary to create it. If you feel or believe that you can’t, I urge you to proceed in spite of any awkwardness or insecurity. Like a wounded Superman, if you don’t already have your Fortress of Solitude (where you can feel nurtured by your loved ones), do what it takes to restore balance and harmony in the places that protect and nurture your sense of safety in the world.

This horoscope is based on your Sun Sign. In addition to the Sun, there are nine other planets and countless more points of astrological interest that describe you personally. If you want to learn more about your unique birth chart — and the current Astrological aspects affecting you — click the link for your personalized Astrology reading with Jeremy Alan.