Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 17, 2017 to Oct. 30, 2017:

I’m guessing, Sagittarius, that you’re ready to feel free again — after the last couple years of feeling like Mr. Serious. I think you’ll start feeling freer again at the end of December 2017, when Saturn (the so-called old man of the zodiac) moves out of your sign into Capricorn.

Old Man Saturn, the planet of restriction, used to represent the limits of our known solar system. He is the symbol of conservativism, the old ways of doing things, and the laws that we must follow, or else, face the consequences. We can’t just go to parties all day, stuff ourselves with pastries and laugh like Santa Claus while we joyfully skip across the globe, nonchalant and carefree. Eventually, Saturn will say we can’t do it anymore — in the form of a canceled credit card, a weight problem, an addiction or a divorce perhaps? He is the “reality check” and he’s not easy on Sag.

But, Sagittarius, out of all the signs, you’re the most likely to get away with it. Your ruler is Jupiter, the big jolly giant who brings expansion, joy, gifts, presents (dangerous levels of indulgence) and good times to all. At the very least, Sagittarius wants to feel free and expansive in his or her heart. Why am I telling you this, Sagittarius? Because Saturn is in your sign, so you’ve probably been feeling serious, restricted and so forth…

Have faith and see the big picture Sagittarius (you’re the best at doing that). Saturn has taught you some valuable lessons, and although they weren’t easy, I think they’re assisting with “The Revolution.” You know, the one that’s happening right now in the news that’s bringing everybody together for good or for bad? Yes, that Revolution.

The higher level of seriousness and focus brought to you by Saturn is just what we need right now because — your community can’t afford for you to be carefree and completely nonchalant. We need your support in telling us why expansion and big-picture optimism are necessary. Right now, more than ever, it’s necessary for our survival to maintain the long view, to look ahead, and to know that better days are coming.

The New Moon, on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017, happens in your Eleventh House of community, egalitarian pursuits, future technologies and ways to benefit the global humanity. As such, the New Moon aligns you with the communities you’re a part of. It’s time to start something that will benefit the people.

For you, this might involve the FUSION of the following:

  1. A piece of surprising, shocking, revolutionary genius born from creative expression (or even related to children) over the last seven years. This is something you arrived at through surprising and unexpected play (born out of unconventional, unselfish love). It could be your child, or it could be your creative expression that you’ve brought into the world from a place of joy
  2. Something new you hope to start, share, build for the good of your fellow man — a.k.a. for purely egalitarian reasons. This relates to the balance, harmony and peace you hope to see in the communities you belong to.

If you can see the future, Sagittarius, or the path that will get us there. Take our hands and walk us right into it. We’re ready for your help!

This horoscope is based on your Sun Sign. In addition to the Sun, there are nine other planets and countless more points of astrological interest that describe you personally. If you want to learn more about your unique birth chart — and the current Astrological aspects affecting you — click the link for your personalized Astrology reading with Jeremy Alan.